Podcast: Uhh Yeah Dude

June 30, 2011

I listen to shitloads of podcasts. I listen to so many that trying to keep up with them means I rarely listen to music anymore. My favorite show is Uhh Yeah Dude, a comedy podcast started in 2006. UYD is hosted by Seth Romatelli and Jonathan Larroquette (son of the actor John Larroquette), two 30-something guys living in Hollywood.

Uhh Yeah Dude is approximately one hour long and a new episode is posted every Monday. Part of the show is essentially commentary on funny/interesting news and pop culture gathered by Seth during his extensive weekly research sessions. The other main part of the show involves personal stories from the hosts’ eclectic histories. Seth, for example, moved from Massachusetts  to LA to become an actor. His biggest role turned out to be starring alongside Britney Spears  in the ‘film’ Crossroads. Jonathan was a spoiled, drug-abusing hippie for much of his youth, and the stories coming out of that lifestyle need to be heard to be believed.

The show is so consistently good because of the chemistry between the hosts and their ability to be very funny about nearly any topic. There is a number to leave messages that are listened to before each show, and Jonathan gives out his personal cell number so that fans can call and text him, although his financial difficulties have led to the phone being disconnected on more than one occasion.

Uhh Yeah Dude is nearing episode 300, but all of the Episodes are available for free on iTunes. Here is good example of what you have been missing: