Movie Idea: Come Mutiny

June 22, 2011

Disclaimer: I am a non-homophobic straight.

This movie is a gay porn featuring a group of (butt) pirates who wish to commandeer their ship and alter their final destination in violation of their Captain’s direct orders. The “climax” will feature a graphic bukkake scene wherein the crew spray so much jizz in the Captain’s face that he suffocates and the crew is free to travel to Tortuga.

I have told several people about this idea, and they are worried that NBC Universal might sue me. This is unlikely. Even if I were to model my film on the television program ‘Community’, my vision would be protected by modern courts as a valid parody. See ‘Harry Pooter And The Sorcerer’s Bone’, ‘Shaving Ryan’s Privates’ and ‘Sex Trek: The Next Penetration’. As it is, I am simply playing on the word community, so I should not encounter any obstacles as I begin production.