Leo’s Coney Island

Leo’s is a chain hot dog  joint first opened in 1972. There is only one Chicago location (Lakeview – fairly close to Wrigley Field). This place is great because it is really cheap, and the food is better than what you will find at most greasy spoon diner-style restaurants. The menu is large and varied, featuring a mix of hot dogs, sausages, burgers, salads and Greek items.

The cornerstone of the menu is the Coney Island Dog. This Detroit-style tube steak is a snap dog with chili, mustard and onions on a steamed bun. It is a great hot dog, but if you eat more than one you seriously need to remain close to a toilet for the rest of the day. I am not joking. Eating things like this can easily lead to a horrific, jeans-ruining shart. There is also a Chicago Dog, and many other items can be topped with the delicious (albeit very salty) chili. I had the chili cheese fries, and the resulting stool looked like the power brick for my Xbox 360.

Another attractive thing about this place is that they have quality craft beers for $3/bottle. I am talking Bell’s and Goose Island. If you live in some piece-of-shit hick town and do not think that sounds like a good deal, you can straight fuck off.

If you visit the Chicago location, ask for Alex and tell him that Flatulator sent you. He will give you a Coney Dog with extra chili and an adult diaper.


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